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Calendar of Liturgical Celebrations 2023


Date Description
1, Sunday New Year's Day and Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God (white)
1/2 Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord (white)
7/8 Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (white)
14/15 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
21/22 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
26, Thursday Australia Day Mass - 10.00am
28/29 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)


Date Description
4/5 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Word of God Sunday
11/12 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Celebrations & Volunteers Celebration.
18/19 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Launch of Project Compassion
22 Ash Wednesday Mass 10.00am & 5.30pm (violet)
25/26 1st Sunday of Lent (violet)


Date Description
4/5 2nd Sunday of Lent (violet)
11/12 3rd Sunday of Lent (violet)
14, Tuesday OLOL Anointing Mass 10.00am
18/19 4th Sunday of Lent (violet)
25/26 5th Sunday of Lent (violet)
27, Monday 2nd Rite of Reconciliation 7.30pm


Date Description
1/2 Palm Sunday (red)
2, Sunday 2nd Rite of Reconciliation 7.30pm
6, Thursday Holy Thursday (white)
7, Friday Good Friday Stations of the Cross 10am, Passion 3.00pm (red)
8, Saturday Easter Saturday Vigil 7.00pm (white)
9 Easter Sunday (white)
15/16, Sunday 2nd Sunday of Easter - Divine Mercy Sunday (white)
22/23 3rd Sunday of Easter (white)
25, Tuesday Anzac Day Mass 10.00am
29/30 4th Sunday of Easter (white)


Date Description
6/7 5th Sunday of Easter (white)
12, Friday Mothers' Day Mass 10.00am School Hall
13/14 6th Sunday of Easter & Mother's Day
16, Tuesday Sacrament of Confirmation 7.00pm
20/21 The Ascension of the Lord (white)
21, Sunday First Eucharist 11.00am
27/28 Pentacost Sunday (red)


Date Description
3/4 The Most Holy Trinity (white)
10/11 The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (white)
17/18 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
24/25 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)


Date Description
1/2 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - ATSI Sunday
8/9 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
15/16 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
22/23 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly
29/30 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Teacher and Staff Thank You Mass celebrated at 9.30am


Date Description
5/6 The Transfiguration of the Lord
8, Tuesday St Mary of the Cross McKillop (white)
12/13 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
15, Tuesday The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (white)
19/20 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
26/27 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Social Justice Sunday


Date Description
1, Friday Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross
2/3 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Fathers' Day; Retired Priests Appeal
5, Tuesday OLOL School Reconciliation 7.00pm
9/10 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Safeguarding Sunday
16/17 24th Sunday of Ordinary time (green)
23/24 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Refugee and Migrant Sunday
30/1 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)


Date Description
5, Thursday BUPA Anointing Mass
7/8 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Family Mass 9.30am Sunday
14/15 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
21/22 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
24, Tuesday OLOL Anointing Mass 10.00am
28/29 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Mission Sunday


Date Description
1, Wednesday All Saints Day (white) Mass 10.00am
2, Thursday All Souls Day (violet)
4/5 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - Prison Sunday
11/12 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
18/19 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green) - World Day of the Poor
25/26 Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (white) - SPRED Mass 9.30am Sunday


Date Description
2/3 1st Sunday of Advent (variegated purple)
9/10 2nd Sunday of Advent (variegated purple)
16/17 3rd Sunday of Advent (variegated purple)
18, Monday 2nd Rite of Reconciliation 7.30pm
23/24 4th Sunday of Advent (variegated purple)
24, Sunday Christmas Vigil Mass 6.00pm
25, Monday Christmas Day Mass (white) 8:00am
30/31 Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (white)

January 2024

Date Description
1, Monday Feast of Mary, The Holy Mother of God (white)
6/7 Epiphany of the Lord (white)
8, Monday Baptism of the Lord (white)
13/14 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
20/21 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)
26, Friday Australia Day Mass 10.00am
27/28 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time (green)

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