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Mass under Covid-19 rules

Mass Bookings NOT required.

Upon arrival at Mass, everyone MUST be checked in via the Check In Qld App.

Those with devices who can check themselves in please do so and move in through on the left hand side at the entrance. Those without devices, please move to the right hand side so we can check you in on the Parish Device. Please remember to put your phone on silent after checking in.

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Mass Times


  • Saturday 6.00pm
  • Sunday morning 9.30am
  • Sunday evening 5.30pm


  • Tuesday 10.00am

There are other Mass times relevant to the Easter and Advent seasons. Keep an eye on the parish notices and the news and events page for specific times.

If a priest is unavailable Liturgy of the Word may be offered in place of Mass.

Rosters of liturgical ministers

Click the buttons below for the appropriate rosters:

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This week's ordo

Click the button below for the readings for the current week:

Reconciliation Times
  • Saturday 4.45pm - First Rite
  • The second rite of reconciliation, or communal reconciliation, is held as part of the Easter and Advent seasons.

You will be notified through the parish notices and on the news page as to the exact time.

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Mission and Vision Statement

A faith-filled, prayerful community, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish strives to bring the Love of Christ to all by living what Christ taught, and continues to teach, us.

The Church is located at 4-6 Goodwood Street. The Parish Office is behind the church at 153 Holberton Street.
Parish Staff

While there are many people who help in the running of the parish, these are the principal office stalwarts.

Latest News & Events

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The latest Parish Bulletin can be downloaded here.

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Parish Office

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I am new here

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We warmly welcome new parishioners. Thank you for your interest in our parish. To get started, please email or telephone the Parish Office with some details about you and your family. We will be in touch with you. Continue to check in here for news about upcoming parish events.

Do you have a suggestion? Please contact our pastoral coordinator, Jenny Ferguson.